Help for Psychology

Help for Behaviour

We are aware that children with Autism (particularly those who also have PDA or ADHD) can present particular challenges to both schools and within the family home.

We are happy to work with families, in a practical and sympathetic way, to provide support and individualised behaviour programmes for children and adolescents.

As well as having extensive experience of working with children with developmental difficulties, all of the professionals working with us are parents themselves.  We can help you unpick what is ‘normal’ childhood or adolescent behaviour and what may be indicative of more significant underlying difficulties.

Our Occupational Therapists can work with families to reduce the impact of sensory overload (which for many children with developmental difficulties has a

major effect upon behaviour) and our Speech Therapists can help families to overcome communication difficulties. Many of the adolescents we have worked with have found themselves in trouble with the police. We appreciate how distressing this is for both the young people and their families and can offer support and advice to solicitors, youth offending teams and probation officers where required.

We can also act as an Expert Witness should a young person’s case go to court.

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