Help for Psychology

Kathryn (Katie) Duncan  - Assistant Psychologist

People have always been what I'm most interested in, both in terms of understanding them and helping them, and this grew into a great love for the field of Psychology.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is an area I have long had an interest in. Whilst studying for my degree I had the opportunity to be involved in some research looking into children with Autism and their risk of being involved in bullying and also looking at how parents and care givers of children with Autism are vulnerable to stress. This experience meant that my passion for the area only grew. Furthermore some volunteer work with a locally based eating disorder charity enabled me to realise how fulfilling it is to work with young people and children.

I studied Psychology BSc at the University of Hertfordshire and graduated in 2015. After having a year out after my studies I happily found my way to the Help for Psychology team at the end of 2016.

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